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Marijuana Growing Videos

Mass Pot Raid in MT, WTF Obama?

In Montana, the state’s legislature is working on a bill that will repeal the state’s medical marijuana law, which is currently being stalled. But in...
Marijuana Growing Videos

Growing Organic Marijuana in My Closet ☆

Buy Seeds Here: Subscribe to my channel for weekly updates! Including indoor growing tutorials and techniques… Visit: for more information!! Growing Marijuana Indoors – Closet...
Marijuana Growing Videos

Legalize It?

My freshman world history project on the legalization of marijuana. Hope I opened some eyes and changed some view points. Please enjoy and free your...
Marijuana Growing Videos

Legalization of Marijuana

Our legal expert Clint David joined us this morning and talked about the legalization of Marijuana…what do you think about it? Agree? Disagree? Join DayBreak...

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