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How do I go about selling medical marijuana in California?

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qwerty asked:

I just bought a huge piece of land in Northern California for farming. I want to grow and sell medical marijuana. What do I need to do t start growing and selling. Please include RELIABLE sources with your answers. Any sites on the legal aspect of medical marijuana growing would also be greatly helpful. Thank You

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  1. WRG says:

    Here are the guys you need to talk to.

  2. rickinnocal says:

    The sale of medical marijuana in CA is illegal.

    Medical Marijuana can only be grown, under CA law, by a patient or his own registered caregiver. However, patients are allowed to band together in “collectives” to jointly grow their stash.

    The way it works in real life is that a dispensary recruits patients to join their collective. The number of patients determines the amount of pot that the collective is allowed to grow. The dispensary does not “sell” the pot to their members, the members pay their share of the costs of growing the pot, plus a ‘management fee’ to cover the dispensaries costs.

    Also, even if you are in compliance with the CA “collective growers” law, if the Federal DEA thinks that even one bud of your crop is finding its way into the illegal market, they WILL raid you.


  3. Tax And Spend ftw!!! says:

    I’ll break down the simple version of it and you can go from there. My buddy in hollywood owns one sinec they were first legalized in 2005 I think it was.

    First of all, there are lawyers who specialize in this. Be sure to consult one first, like one should when starting any small business to make sure you business plan has all it’s T’s crossed.

    Basicly it is not going to be easy. In fact cultivating is goign to be easier than selling in a retail manner. Selling to pharmacies/ dispenciaries is the easy part. If you want to grow AND have your own shop where you sell to individual customers as opposed to whoesaling it to distrubutors, that is going to be hard.

    To cultivate you just need to get the permit, which is roughly 300$ last I checked. The lawyer will set you up with this. If you want to open a store front, that will be hard since many places have stopped alowing dispensers to open up since they have been opening at too fast a rate, so legislation was passed in many areas to not allow any new ones to open.

    You can A)Buy from someone who already owns one and is looking to sell
    B) utilie a loophole in the system that allows you to claim you are opening a small business due to hardship. The lawyer will set you up with all the info on this.

    Cultivating will be easy. Opening the store front will not. Also, cultivating leaves you open to trouble with the feds since they still take down large suppliers despite what Obama claims. It happens in CA all the time. Its legla on a state level, but still illegla on the fed level. And the feds usually go after the cultivators more than small dealers so your more open to trouble.

    Either way, it’s extremely profitable. I mean really realy extremely profitable. Also, CA is looking to put a measure on the ballot for 2010 that will fully legalize it. This will mean more taxes but a larger market to conquer, more customers. Get in before end of 2010 is all I can say.

    Bottom line: There are lawyers that do only weed related consulting. Pay the money to have them help you set it up. Expect it to take a while for your paperwork and licenses to be in order. And good luck.

    EDIT: Ricko mentions to collaborative thing. But in real life what it boils down to is you get your license as a medical mary j patient. Anyone can get this. Then you upgrade the license to be able to grow as part of a collective. The shops sell it just like a dealer would, by the gram, eighth, quarter, ounce, pound. Its not any different than street sales really.

    Expect to get raided so save up enough cash to open back up after your done with the legal stuff.

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