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What’s The Deal With Synthetic Marijuana?

What's The Deal With Synthetic Marijuana?People still laugh at the cheesy “marijuana scare” movies of the 1950s. Synthetic marijuana is a new drug in town and it’s no joke — plus it’s not even close to actual marijuana. AJ+…


  1. Osiris Malkovich says:

    Why wouldn’t you just smoke weed? Wait, is it gluten free?

  2. only half bad 333 says:

    If it ain’t really weed, don’t smoke it. 

  3. Zouloum says:

    This video is simplistic and nuance-less.

  4. zuraidah deydak says:

    Another problems in Al Quds Baitulmaqdis..surely israelis govt. Can stop
    this or they happy to see it enter palaetinian’s bodys.

  5. Archibald Linconburra says:

    Just one more affect of real weed being illegal- shitty dangerous synthetic
    crap that destroys the body.

  6. Dikota Kreighbaum says:

    That stuff has been illegal in Michigan now for almost 3 years. My friend
    had a problem with it, he only quit because it became almost completely

  7. Shz Won says:


  8. Yacobus Fitri says:

    Hmmm, new business opportunity. Thanks!

  9. Roostreful says:

    It’s not synthetic marijuana, it’s synthetic CANNABINIODS…

  10. Zombiffix says:

    I heard it gives you schizophrenia. Is that true?

  11. Dire Shadow says:

    Real stoners have higher standards. Smoking spice is akin to smoking

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