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VapeDynamics Hera Review and my Vacation!

VapeDynamics Hera Review and my Vacation!Get the Hera Here: Laguna replacement (Imag+): Hey everyone! Been MIA on vacation with my awesome momma! Here is a review of the VapeDynamics…


  1. Brian Williams says:

    Glad to see you back again, can’t smoke without my selected youtubers
    playing haha. Cheers from California

  2. Dab Spot says:
  3. chris nicolas says:

    cheers for the vid, Love your vids.Was wondering if your going to make the
    weed coconut oil video. Would love to try it 🙂 cheers from down under

  4. ledgend209 says:

    danella better not take off that make up or else im unsubing but for now
    you look good peace out . lol

  5. Richard Smith says:

    This looks like a nicer version of the HEBE Titan 2 is it better Dan’ ?

  6. CanadianSwine says:

    Bring back nyx please 

  7. joseph Fox says:

    Glad the dab spot is back.

  8. DeRaafMedia says:

    One thing I don’t understand with these things, the heating elements I
    presume can burn true. Can you buy new ones or something?

    I wouldn’t use these devices (my last joint was 15 years ago, I just got a
    wee bit to paranoid), but I’m looking to buy a thing like this as a gift
    (any recommendation or real no no’s to consider. Around 50 dollars a good

    Would hate it if she had to buy replacement parts after little use.

  9. karl bernz says:

    nyx come back baby !

  10. james atkinson says:

    You are awesome, thanks for what you do I appreciate and learn so ya, cool!

  11. Andy Ramirez says:


  12. Andy Ramirez says:

    When is your next give away?

  13. Challenger Dart says:

    Great review Danielle. Awesome. Congrats. I liked it so much. Thanks.

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