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The Most Popular Drugs Consumed By Today’s Teens

The many drug rehabilitation and recovery centers In the Colorado region testify to the rampant drug abuse problem among Colorado’s teens today. According to the 2010 Monitoring the Future Survey, the percentage of 8th graders using illegal substances increased from 14.5 per cent in 2009 to 16 per cent. This issue is so widespread that drug testing has become the norm in many aspects of the society including employment.

Drug testing sessions are carried out to ensure that teenage job applicants do not have some of the popular drugs in their system. If results show the slightest traces of drugs, applicants are usually rejected as this indicates a potential involvement in drug abuse. Some of the most popular drugs consumed by today’s teens in Colorado include:


The most common drug testing sessions conducted among teens in Colorado are carried out to detect the presence of marijuana.Marijuana is becoming increasingly accessible to Colorado’s youth as it’s priced at $100 per pound. Unfortunately, marijuana use among teens is aggravated by an annual celebration at the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus to celebrate the hopeful legalization of marijuana in Colorado. The event is attended by 10,000 people.


Heroin is sold in Colorado’s metropolitan and suburban areas. It is quite popular among teens that are new to drug abuse since they have the misconception that smoking heroin is less harmful. The increasing accessibility of heroin among teens in the region does not help mitigate the growing problem.


Cocaine’s use in Colorado has been increasing widely in recent times. Prices of cocaine fluctuate at times, which is why the usage of cocaine increases or decreases accordingly.


Mexican DTOs can easily slip into the state to conduct drug distribution, and that makes meth a primary drug threat in Colorado according to the National Drug Intelligence Center’s report. A gram of meth is priced at $80 minimum, which makes methamphetamine drug abuse one of the cheaper forms of addiction.


Prescription drug abuse is also one of the fastest growing problems in Colorado. They are difficult to regulate and dispose of, therefore they can be easily available to teens for abuse. These drugs will show up during drug testing as well.

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