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“Is This A Bunch Of Hippies In Tie Dyed Shirts Coming Up With An Economic Legalization Argument

March 29, 2013 MSNBC News


  1. ewigkase1 says:

    democrats want to tax everything – no federal taxes on cannabis would be a huge mistake

    if an ordinary citizen spent like government does they up to there knees in credit card debt bills. spending not a problem lol
    cut back on spending by end the wars and close military bases over sea’s and stop bailing out banks and giving foreign aid (not food but ca$h bribes). I don’t want to be a world power I want to live in free country. power and freedom don’t go together.

  2. skypilot805 says:

    Taxation IS THEFT. Whether the money goes towards a noble cause or not is irrelevant. When force is used to take the product of someones labor, that’s pretty much the definition of evil.

  3. RevolutionNewsDotUS3 says:

    Money ..Well, get back.. I’m all right Jack Keep your hands off of my stack
    Money… It’s a hit Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit…
    Money… It’s a crime …Share it fairly… But don’t take a slice of my pie
    Money…So they say… Is the root of all evil today
    But if you ask for a raise It’s no surprise that they’re giving none away

  4. apocalyptichybrid2 says:

    Thank Pete you are not an economist.

  5. Textynn says:

    whatever. They won’t just let you grow a weed that grows with practically no care. They have to control it, profit from it, and use chemical toxins on it like cigs.

    Pot carcinogenic my ass. If Phillip Morris grows it it will be carcinogenic because they will use toxic chemicals on it and in it. Make it legal. end of story

  6. JiveDadson says:

    The last THREE presidents might have been convicted, even though one claims he did not inhale.

  7. mikoDafist says:

    Then watch that money go off to Israel and pay for more wars for Israel….

  8. schampdubya says:

    Prohibition is profitable for industries which make political donations to keep it illegal.
    Such as pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco industries. The “partnership for a drug free America ” that propagates all those anti-weed commercials is literally paid for by the Alcohol and Tobacco companies.
    There’s also a huge number of clinical studies which demonstrate that Marijuana and it’s various components are more effective at treating disorders than more expensive Rx drugs, so they want it illegal.

  9. TheMinutemanArmory says:

    Do you have any evidence to the contrary? My experience in reading through over 60,000 criminal files over the past 2 years in my work tells me otherwise. Virtually everyone of them has a criminal record beginning as teenagers. They all experimented with weed. Most then engaged in other drugs and became alcoholics. I’m not saying everyone who uses weed becomes a criminal, but virtually all criminals have a substance abuse issue, and that leads to other crimes.

  10. orngstrpdct says:

    Oh god… Monsanto weed.. Think id rather smoke Mexican brown over that

  11. doire7 says:

    When big companies do something, they do it from an uneven playing field with goverments as their muscle to keep it that way. Big corporations are all about creating more legislation to kill the small business man.

  12. mikoDafist says:

    RUN FROM THE CURE – Full Version
    Cannabis Cures Cancer
    Hemp Revolution

  13. Drone Power says:

    Philip Morris would put addictive chemicals in marijuana like they do cigarettes to make bigger profit

  14. ewigkase1 says:

    i think the pun was attended lying bitch

  15. apocalyptichybrid2 says:

    LOL I just don’t get these legalization folks, if they had any idea of what taxes, regulations and gov will do to it they’d run from the idea.

    TAX TAX TAX. What a fresh new idea.

    De-criminalizing would solve our prison issue, just pass that federally, legalize med and let the rest of us continue on with the way we’ve been doing it for many decades.

    IMO It’s the beginning of the end of marijuana legalization.

  16. Stevie bob says:

    Jew are manipulative warmonger.

  17. moviematcanada says:

    They do tax dirt it’s called Property Taxes

  18. Dolly Dimple says:

    It was always about the tax…..

  19. coolrog7564 says:

    “therefore can’t pay for the legal taxed form of marijuana, then where are they going to go to support their habit? ‘ While you did mention drugs in general the focus of your comment seemed to center around marijuana and the despots desperation to get it. If a persons first arrest was for drug possession the majority of which is probably pot the system started their real criminal career for them.

  20. EncinoRecords . says:

    hahahhahahahhahhahahahahha……yeah, cuz we didnt have a second constitutional convention resolving the issues presented by the articles of confederation…..

  21. BillyJoe1305 says:

    No, tax it like a normal item.

  22. coolrog7564 says:

    Do you have anything else from the 1920s drug paranoia propaganda handbook.

  23. MOXNEWSd0tC0M says:

    When THEY say “hippie” it is implied and what they mean to say is…
    So You Know :)~MOXy

  24. MWCstream says:

    You almost hit the nail on the head but you forgot about mexican weed. They will drop their prices to beat the store price, forcing stores to lower their price to something reasonable. Once the price is low mexican weed will not be very popular, considering people could buy quality cannabis for the same or cheaper price. This is why most people will not grow their own, its to much work for some people and others work to many hours to be gardeners.

  25. jimmy colley says:

    @TheMinutemanArmory what?!?! what reality do you live in… cartels waiting at pot shops and burgerking giving out Free Samples of weed!! Weed man not coke or meth or heroin, marijuana.

  26. Bud Crafter says:

    Grow your own for freedom!

  27. solomon kane says:

    tax? are you kidding. the gov owes us reperations for 80 years of an unjust law. how dare you tax mother nature?

  28. wastelandsoldier1 says:

    Ill take some hippies.Over the delusional coke addicts we have now.lol

  29. MrSillywhore says:

    If you wanna see the text book definition of backpedaling 3:33

  30. Rich Mikesell says:


  31. rrought317 says:

    “congress use to be hippies.” Key phrase “use to be” you incompetent helpless schmuck.

  32. TheMinutemanArmory says:

    My question is when a person is hopelessly addicted to drugs, can no longer maintain employment, and therefore can’t pay for the legal taxed form of marijuana, then where are they going to go to support their habit? Maybe the guy with the cartel connection who gives the stuff away as a “free sample” because it is laced with the other drugs that they really want to sell you. Why pay taxes when you can still get it cheaper from someone else through illegal means?

  33. PartVIII says:

    i don’t understand WHY marijuana is illegal.

  34. bamboo4tameshigiri says:

    The same way they get taxes from beer. I’ve been brewing my own beer since the day I turned 18. Most people are just too stupid and too lazy to do it for themselves.

  35. reibenny says:

    Grow your own!

  36. adasand21 says:

    Why do people think that being called a “hippie” is an insult, hippies are happy people enjoying life, while a majority of the rest are miserable SOBs.

  37. ZeroPermissionTwo says:

    it’s not a drug.

  38. apocalyptichybrid2 says:

    LOL Count again.

  39. TheEviIOyo says:

    lol what do u think government grade weed is? They already have GMO marijuana patented. I’m sure Agro supported the washington bill.

  40. dave wuest says:

    I dont want marijuana controled by the big corporations

  41. MOXNEWSd0tC0M says:

    Monsanto is dying to get into the weed business!
    That’s why the FEDs haven’t tried to shut it down yet.
    That’s What I Think Anyways :)~MOXy

  42. sonikhiphop says:

    Christ, how come the legalization movement is seen by some leftists as a cash cow for the oh-so-benevolent gubbment’….

  43. JiveDadson says:

    No, not at all. Talking heads must also be good-looking and bubbly.

  44. Textynn says:

    Just a remnant of a major propaganda smear by corporations that Hippies tried to warn against.  The Hippies were right and everyone knows it,

    The Dirty Fucking Hippies Were Right

  45. apocalyptichybrid2 says:

    Hey dumbass, half those suit in congress use to be hippies.

  46. TheClosestranger00 says:

    It will be bad when corporation get a hold of it, they will chemically treat it Gut the love from the medicine aspect of the issue and take the good out of the plant. Regulated community co-ops would keep products fresh,local,and you would get to shake the hands of those who grew it. It’s just like issue of corp. run prisons. Profit is put over the good of people in the community as well as the prisoners themselves all for a buck… your tax subsidized buck.

  47. landlogger says:

    It should be no ones business but our own. Who owns your body and life??

  48. schampdubya says:

    because it is a cash crop?
    As corrupt as our government is, they still build roads, hospitals, and employ EMTs and firefighters, why shouldn’t commercial revenue from marijuana sales go toward those things? It’s inevitable its going to be taxed anyways.

    I’m just going to grow my own when I move to a state where it is legal, problem solved.

  49. poorandimmature . says:

    More like a bunch of dead Mexicans in bloody, bullet hole-ridden shirts coming up with a stop the genocide argument.

  50. Burnus Swarthout says:

    I think it all boils down to this.Once it is legal and we are using it for everything the cost of everything else will have to come down,because of competition.If you take oil for example.You can produce 200 gallons of biodiesel per acre of hemp,and it has a negative carbon footprint.Medicine is another,why else would pharmaceutical companies have patents for tinctures of cannabis?The possibilities are endless with this plant,no wonder it has been cultivated since before Christ was born.

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