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How This Marijuana Farm Aims To Be Drought-Proof

How This Marijuana Farm Aims To Be Drought-ProofCalifornia’s drought is forcing farmers — including marijuana farmers — to rethink how they use water. Happy Day Farms’ Nathaniel O’Neill shows AJ+ how his operation goes beyond just saving…


  1. Akbar Ali says:

    its like a dream come true!

  2. Geoffrey Dietrich says:

    Way to be proactive, other farms taking notes? 

  3. MMJ HQ says:

    420 Cultivation and H20 Conservation

  4. RUT RHO says:

    The real question is, how much extra water is used in California every day
    because of all the cottonmouth caused by these plants?

  5. underyourbreath331 says:

    Ultimately he’s not doing anything different. He’s still diverting water
    from a reservoir to irrigate his crops. This reservoir is just smaller and
    more personal. If the drought continues like it is, he’ll run out of water

  6. illyounotme says:

    Amazing what happens when you think about how to collect water instead of
    letting it just run off the land. I bet the pond is helping replenish the
    water table too.

    Folks in California might want to take a look at some permaculture
    techniques for water catchment. Using swales to slow water down and give it
    a chance to penetrate the ground rather than running off it and taking the
    good soil with it. The permiculture axiom of when water runs slow it down
    and make it walk could really help California and the rest of the world.

  7. Clifton Haralson says:
  8. LibreImpacto says:

    Hey guys, pick a different angle for your portrait- this seems like you’re
    trying to make the guy look stoned.

  9. yacine layri says:

    Happy farming & u can get sentenced for life in some places

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