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Are All 50 States Headed Towards Legalization Of Marijuana? (THEN WHY WAIT?)

Are All 50 States Headed Towards Legalization Of Marijuana? (THEN WHY WAIT?)


  1. happydunce says:

    so then what is hemp if it is not cannabis sativa? i have never seen a description of hemp that didn’t describe hemp as a variety of cannabis sativa. i am not just making shit up, thats the first thing you will see if you look up hemp, a variety of cannabis sativa that has high fiber content and low THC

  2. gulyguff says:

    how ’bout abolish govt. then no one will shoot you over a plant

  3. onemindtrip says:

    Portugal is a perfect example that the drug war is bullshit.

  4. tbohman1331 says:

    You know shits going to hit the fan, when the zionists let everyone smoke weed

  5. AveragePope says:

    You thought wrong

  6. happydunce says:

    hemp is a variation of c. sativa, it is a strain developed to maximize fiber content.

  7. alanesmuymacho says:

    $50 per ounce? Haha you fucking wish

  8. mrdroopie18 says:

    Polydynamix doesn’t know shit.

  9. jonny715 says:

    I had a friend who told me one of the reasons the Oregon legalization bill failed because people she knew didn’t like that kids were smoking in a certain area or smoking around them and they didn’t want to vote yes on something that would permit them to do that, even though they were smoking in the first place law or no law. If that’s true or not, I don’t know. I think they’re scared little sheeple or good Germans.

  10. Polydynamix says:

    no… no it’s not. Sativa is not ‘developed’ it’s indigenous to tropical areas, just as indica is indigenous to asia, and rhuderalis is indigenous to the alps. They weren’t developed, they’re not smart phones- they’re plants and they get bred but sativa was not bred for hemp, it was bred for high potency, high yield.

  11. Steve Simmons says:

    they seem to never wanna mention the other option of GROWING YOUR OWN fuck their taxes

  12. apocalyptichybrid2 says:

    LOL Pipedreams gone media.

  13. Whistleblower Fourtwenty says:

    hemp and marijuana are not variations of cannabis shit for brains, C. Sativa, C. Indica, and C.Ruderalis are the different species of cannabis.. get a fucking clue. lulZ

  14. Ryance85 says:

    herb is the healing of a nation bring people back to planet earth no planet booze and violence and band aid solutions like pharma .

  15. THRASZHER says:

    I like cheese.

  16. Whistleblower Fourtwenty says:

    hemp is weed dumbass… hemp is referred to the industrial fibers in cannabis, weed is referred to the psycho active properties, cbd, thc, thcv.. etc cannabis, hemp, weed, marijuana all mean the same shit, it’s rhetorical bs made to confuse you…

  17. Warfieldthomas420 says:

    Is this a $50 tax on curret street prices? So $250 for an ounce of midds, and its legal. Or $200 of the street and its still legal. No its $50 tax on cost of production and resale. Any one have any ideas on what kind of prices “We” maybe lookin at?

  18. Steven Was says:

    NJ will never make weed legal, too many jews

  19. EnnoiaBlog says:

    I agree. They should try to get the same amount of money a different way. Have a special novelty tax on any marijuana paraphernalia, for example. That way the same money is provided, and you don’t encourage that black market. But they’ll probably end up doing both — taxing the weed (which is insane just on principle), and taxing the paraphernalia… *sigh*

  20. simpson1177 says:

    everyday we lose more and more freedoms, who gives a shit focusing on legalizing weed. you can still get it easy enough, legalizing can take a backseat for now.

  21. scottishbadboy1 says:

    the $50 tax is nothing if you are getting 20-22%

  22. Henry Mound says:

    Where in the fuck are you finding QPers for $1,200?

  23. aquelmarihuano says:

    We just have to wait for one more generation to croak and be done with all this bullshit

  24. EnnoiaBlog says:

    You want the real answer? Consider those bondholders who invested in the construction of all those new prisons… Making marijuana legal will cause them to lose money. Prison is an industry, and it’s foolish not to think of it as such.

  25. th86stone says:

    What everyone HASN’T noticed is that the govt has waited til the price has sky-rocked due to the infighting the drug cartels have been doing. It does not take much money at all to grow weed. They will keep it illegal if they cannot get a certain amount of taxes from it. AND the will NEVER ever let you grow it for yourself, WATCH.

  26. moonknight1985 says:

    wait when did the dude from TYT start interviewing ???

  27. arion45 says:

    50 dollar per ounce tax will keep a healthy black market going. Supid just so stupid.

  28. Everythingisdull says:

    This is not “all new terrain”. We’ve gone through this thousands of times now, not strictly pot but the same mechanisms.

  29. Whistleblower Fourtwenty says:

    just give up.. hahah

  30. thisisthesample says:

    Who gets weed gifted to them? Around Portland, OR it’s $20 for 2 grams

  31. netsfan88 says:

    Hemp is not in weed

  32. GeorgeTheGreek1978 says:

    I can’t believe this is still not done yet. I don’t even smoke weed but i’m all for making it legal. Nothing wrong with bud, why does the government feel the need to tell us however to live. I thought this was the land of the free.

  33. AESir420 says:

    End Cannabis Prohibition world wide NOW!
    Cannabis = Panacea

  34. MountainMan23 says:

    He asks “Why isn’t marijuana legalization ahead of gay marriage legalization?”

    Easy. There’s too much money being made from keeping pot illegal.

  35. 33iknow says:

    2 dip-shits disliked this… I guess some people like it when others tell them what to do.

  36. coolrog7564 says:

    My fellow Americans it is HIGH TIME to reconsider our position on, (PUFF PUFF) wait what was I talking about.

  37. KyleBrownstein says:

    New York needs to legalize yoo fuck mang shit

  38. jonny715 says:

    “Everyone talks about keeping this drug away from kids and that’s why they’re against these changes to laws and it’s important to remember that for decades drugs have been widely available” That’s because it’s all hypocrisy, all of it. Its never been about safety or getting the drugs off the street because that’s simply impossible.

  39. Kaptain Kanada says:

    If you thought that then you are far too stoned; come down and look around you, fool. Been to the airport lately?

  40. mikoDafist says:

    RUN FROM THE CURE – Full Version
    Cannabis Cures Cancer
    Hemp Revolution

  41. Trumpetnote says:

    The federal government has patents on the medicinal use of marijuana. Check out US Patent 6630507 titled “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”.

  42. EnnoiaBlog says:

    I agree, but to a point. Animal Husbandry and the cross-breeding and genetic manipulation of plants are not terribly difficult. 100 years ago, you would have had a very difficult time locating any weed as potent as SOME strains are today. Sure, there’s ‘ditch weed’. But there’s also extremely potent hydro that has come into being through a means OTHER than natural selection. They’re bred for potency.

  43. dave wuest says:

    I dont agree with the marijuana dui’s that are going to be handed out once it’s legalized…

  44. Kaptain Kanada says:

    AND grassheads don’t have a powerful, well-organised lobby system and agenda; most of them are too stoned to coordinate anything more complicated than rolling a joint.

  45. Polydynamix says:

    The same reason dogs aren’t generally referred to as ‘Canus Lupus’…
    Cannabis Sativa is a particular strain of the Cannabis family, generally people tend to call a tomato a ‘tomato’ and not ‘Solanum lycopersicum’.

    If you’re implying that someone could selective breed a strain of sativa that produced low potency then sure… they could- but that’s not what it is by nature. You know what IS sativa? Skunk #1.

  46. stillbreathing37 says:

    Most people pay nothing for Marijuana,it’s gifted by friends? WTF? Credibility out the window.

  47. happydunce says:

    actually hemp and weed are not the same thing… there are no significant psychoactive properties in a hemp plant, the THC content is so low it is impossible to get high from smoking it. Hemp and marijuana are both variations of the cannabis plant but they are not the same thing, one is specifically used for fibers and one is specifically used for flowers.

  48. WrenkingMeat says:

    u got a better chance of passing gun control than allowing medical marijuana in the south!

  49. TheSlaveKeyboardist says:

    It’s not really uncharted territory. Less than 100 years ago people could use and grow as much as they wanted without any regulation.

  50. KillerWhaleSFl says:

    buy a QP, sell 3, and smoke for freeee!!

    all day long 8)

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