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Why do some countries have really rigid laws against marijuana compared with other countries?

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caltam84 asked:

Even if it’s medical marijuana, it’s still a felony in some countries like Singapore or China.

For example, even the use of medical marijuana is a felony in Singapore. And death penalty results from using marijuana. And marijuana is illegal in America, but the laws are not as strict as in Singapore.

However, some countries in Europe don’t have very strict laws against it. Maybe even a possession of a little is okay.

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  1. flawfulrobot says:

    different strokes for different folks. why is it considered gay in the usa when two guys hold hands but it’s not gay when two guys hug?

  2. Tha A-Train says:

    Every culture is different. Drug trafficking is punishable by death in Suadi Arabia, and it happens to this day. They hardly have a problem with drugs at all. Would this policy work in the US? It would be inhumane!

  3. black jack says:

    Studies have been conducted to show that prolong marijuana use is not harmful to your health in Australia, several states have enacted regional decriminalization policies, and in the United States, more than ten states have had marijuana decriminalization laws.

  4. ice says:

    As an ex-smoker I would not object the laws to be decriminalized with the proviso help be offered to those that become addicted to it like I once was.

  5. modati m says:

    Other countries want to control their citizens more to get a desired outcome. Look at the social structure in Saudi Arabia or in Singapore… or China. It’s COMPLETELY different. I’m not a global sociology expert to tell you China and Saudi Arabia are way more strict than USA in WAY MORE WAYS than just illicit substances. Some countries it’s even illegal to drink alcohol. Which it should be that way in the states. Alcohol is so much worse. Tobacco too. I’ve been in trouble a lot for marijuana related infractions. The district attorney… judge etc. always told me it was for my health. Haha. Yeah… right.

    There is no definite answer it’s just various cultures want to control it’s citizens in various ways. Other countries mesh religion and government. America supposedly doesn’t. Lots of other countries the business is tied directly to the government, like CHINA. China = machine. Well I guess. It would seem as if that were so.

    America is the land of opportunity… heehee! 🙂 There’s really no country that has it completely legal. Just places where it’s like ‘hey bugger off!’ Just like J-Walking is illegal and other useless crimes to enforce are. It’s better to just scream at someone for doing it or verbally abuse them than enforce it. Move to Spain or parts of Canada. I would imagine another reason is MONEY that it’s not legal.

    Plus hey you know a lot of states in the USA don’t even give you a criminal record for smoking/selling less than certain amounts of it? Which is pretty cool. You just pay 100 dollars which isn’t cool. It’s still illegal it’s just a ‘minor misdemeanor’ which means you get no criminal record! How neat 🙂

    By the way, cannabis is not addictive by any means. I smoked for 14 years and quit with no withdrawal symptoms. Nothing. It’s a myth. Trust me. It has no adverse health reactions like tobacco smoke does. I’m not saying it makes you a super-human or improves your health. But you don’t get sick from it. Even after quitting. It’s all a myth. Try coming down off coffee after drinking it for 14 years and depending on it. That’s what you call withdrawal. :\

  6. µ2 says:

    that’s just how it is, but criminalizing it lead just to more harm then good and the money finds its way to the wrong hands.

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