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Effective Drug And Alcohol Testing For Occupational Health Services

Employment screening in most industries such as healthcare and transportation is highly regulated; however, for most industries drug and alcohol testing is often not required by law. Forward thinking employers realize that drug and alcohol screening is vital because an individual that abuses drugs or alcohol may put employee and customer safety at risk.

On the business side, it usually increases the frequency of occupational health or workman’s compensation claims. Employers can implement or improve their drug and alcohol screening programs by following the best practices listed below:

Perform drug and alcohol testing on all employees
Safety of your employees and the public depends upon more than just pre-employment criminal background checks. Employees who may not have a criminal record but abuse drugs or alcohol can still pose significant safety risks. Additionally, these same individuals are less productive and are more prone to costly workers’ compensation claims.

In the interest of work place safety, productivity, and preservation of your brand; companies should include a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing policy as part of their overall screening program. Employers that commit to drug and alcohol testing for everyone in their workforce are better able to mitigate the risks of individuals that abuse drugs.

Partner with a screening provider to provide a consistent testing policy
Ever increasing numbers of small businesses are working with urgent care clinics as a trusted screening provider who can quickly get their drug and alcohol screening programs up-to-date. Walk in clinics are convenient and capable of providing a program that works in compliance with state and federal laws concerning drug screening, discrimination, and privacy.

Tailor testing to your specifications
Universal testing policies and methods will increase accurate findings. At your request, a policy can be drafted to require that urine testing be completed within 24-48 hours of notification. Other options could include options for saliva, blood, or breathalyzer alcohol tests. The medical experts at the urgent care clinic can tailor a drug/alcohol screening program that is efficient and effective for human resource and screening managers.

Schedule comprehensive tests
Organizations that use urine tests can also check for common adulterates along with the presence of drugs and alcohol. It is common for employers to conduct a standard five-panel test for marijuana, cocaine, PCP, amphetamines and opiates. The clinical directors at your urgent care facility can also design an expanded panel if necessary.

Drug/Alcohol screening services in Germantown
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