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Dui Costs And Fines In Las Vegas

The state of Nevada enforces the implied consent law. Under this law, drivers give immediate consent for breathalyzer or chemical testing by making the choice to drive while intoxicated. As a state-wide crackdown on illegal driving, the state also utilizes the illegal per se law which allows law enforcement to charge drivers with lower blood-alcohol contents with lesser violations such as reckless wet drunk. Anyone who is facing a DUI or similar charge should contact las vegas criminal defense lawyer for further assistance.

DUI in Las Vegas

Sin City is known as a place for wild shenanigans and a vast collection of entertainment opportunities. However, locals and visitors alike should become familiar with the DUI laws that govern this city in Clark County as they could lead to an arrest. The city does enforce laws such as public intoxication and open container violations along with these laws. Anyone who violates the law is arrested even if the officer suspects a DUI or other alcohol-based infraction.

The offending blood-alcohol content readings for this locale are 0.08 percent for domestic drivers, 0.02 percent for any commercial drivers, and 0.02 for minors under twenty-one. The state can also impose DUI charges on any driver who is under the influence of marijuana or controlled substances. All drivers undergo chemical testing of blood, urine, or both after they are arrested. Drivers who are charged with a DUI associated with controlled substances should hire The Sin City Lawyer to represent them.

DUI Convictions

Anyone who is convicted of DUI suffers the penalty of the court and the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV suspends the driver’s license and imposes fines as early as the arrest. They impose fines and additional fees to reinstate these privileges and require new driving tests. The court imposes fines and penalties based on the number of convictions.

The first offense begins with ninety-day license suspension. The required jail sentence ranges between two days to six months. The court adds stipulations such as ninety-six hours of community service, fines ranging from $400 to $1,000, and DUI school. Alcohol abuse treatment is a common requirement in which the judge determines the needed duration.

If a driver receives a second offense during a seven-year period, the license is suspended for one year. The judge may sentence the driver to jail for ten days to six months or place the driver under house arrest. Fines range from $750 to $1,000. Community service requirements are approximately two-hundred hours, and the driver’s automobile registration is revoked. He or she attends alcohol or drug treatment for one year. Drivers who are facing a second DUI conviction may contact the Sin City Lawyer or visit thesincitylawyer.

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