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All You Need To Know About Drug Charges In Point Pleasant, Nj

Drug enforcement laws are pretty serious in the state of New Jersey, where a person convicted of possession or selling or any other form of drug usage is awarded no less than a minimum jail sentence and penalty. Going through the stages of a drug charge which involves arrest, investigation, trial and sentencing can be traumatizing for a person who is facing them for the first time. Though possession and usage of drugs is indeed a serious crime which deserves a serious punishment, there are many innocents out there who get involved in drug crimes in Point Pleasant due to misunderstandings and bad influences. Society has never been kind to those who are convicted of a drug offense and has always seen them with skewed eyes. Their personal lives are filled with detachments and misery from then on and professional lives go haywire. Thus, it is very essential that you have the best legal assistance on your side to face your drug charges in Point Pleasant to have a clean criminal history and have a prosperous future ahead. This article explores the nature of drug charges in Point Pleasant, New Jersey and the penalties and punishments involved with those charges in brief. We would like to also add a few points regarding the legal assistance one needs in these situations and how to find the best drug crimes lawyer in Point Pleasant.

The types of drug charges can be broadly classified into four categories:

Possession- Possession of drugs is a very serious crime in New Jersey and the penalties and punishments vary with the amount of drugs and the dangers associated with them. You could be sentenced to jail for a minimum of 6 months to an uncertain maximum depending on the quantity under possession.

Intent To Sell- This is where you must understand drug charges are highly inconsiderate and meaner than you think. Even if you possess a small amount of drugs for personal use there is every chance that you could be charged for intent to sell which not only increases your penalties and punishments, but also ruins your reputation in the society.

Manufacturing or Cultivation- Manufacturing of illegal drugs and cultivation of illegal plants like marijuana is certainly a big crime which further reduces your chances to have a clean chit unless theres a lack of evidence against you. The sentencing could be a minimum of 3 to 5 years to a maximum of 20 years.

Distributing or Trafficking- Distributing, or selling drugs to people or getting caught while trafficking drugs is a serious criminal offense in Point Pleasant which can lead to a maximum imprisonment up to 10 years.

The drug charges in Point Pleasant vary with the severity of the drug in possession and also depend on the amount of the drug mixture possessed. Heroin, Cocaine, MDMA, LSD, Marijuana, Steroids and other hallucinogens are the most common drugs which are considered illegal in the state of New Jersey.

It is often believed that police and prosecution always root to elevate drug charges in Point Pleasant and persuade suspects to settle down for plea bargains to increase their conviction rates. Thus, it is certainly not wise to deal with your drug charge in Point Pleasant alone without an experienced lawyer by your side. Having a lawyer by your side will give you a better understanding of your case and offer a wider perspective of the options you are left with. Be it qualifying for a bail or falsifying the evidences collected against you, defending you to victory in court or helping you to get the best plea bargain, a drug crimes lawyer will stick by your side without judging you and help you have a clean criminal history, which is so much essential to have a prosperous and hassle free life in America.

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