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Planting Seeds

Planting SeedsOREGON MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM DIV8 The reason i start with so many beans is because i have a very picky way of choosing pheno types. In this early stage you can only see a few things. Health,structure, and even smell after a couple weeks of veg.I always choose the fastest , strongest seed sprouts . I give all the plants about a week after sprouting and if they look at all wispy or unhealthy i toss them….its always a good idea to start with 3X the amount you want in your finished numbers….

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  1. greenbrain70 says:

    Wow i wonder want happened 2 Kentucky grower cant watch he’s vids anymore lol. Keep it frosty bro love ur videos.

  2. FrankLucasH2O says:

    I’m almost sad you giving these niggas the game. I was ready to leave em in the dark..

  3. GRcannabiscollege says:

    Koma you might have answered this but what kind of camera are you using

  4. GROWTROLL says:

    2 THUMBS UP!!!!

  5. greenbrain70 says:


  6. kingcheefa420 says:

    when do u flip the seedlings to 12/12?

  7. noslow50ford says:

    for the give away… How about guess the weight of a plant? I was gonna suggest for the giveaway an ez cloner or a couple packs of your fav beans, but i see you picked a prize. Or for a prize, you duct tape a certain 7 foot tall rapist and then allow the winner a chance to water board him. Think of how many viewers that would get

  8. DetroitMonkeyCheese says:

    oh yeh I.T.C. genetics is not a michigan company…we dont even roll like that

  9. mickjonesUK says:

    Can someone give me some info on Cali connection seed are they any good anyone had good or bad luck with them also I would like more info on the larry og genetics are the seeds the same as the real deal

  10. teraswe1 says:

    Do you have a heater under those cups ? Or just room temp water ? Koma… Kommmmaaaa i know ur reading this 🙂 Sticky Fingerzzzzzz …. What up little fella !!!!!

  11. BenefitingFrom MedicalMJ says:

    hey koma i know this might sound funny but could you maby throw into one of your next vids how you cut and shape your solo cups for drainage the way you do cuz i must say those things look pro made from a store lol idk maby maby im just treetarded haha. hope alls good keepem green n coated in frost bro.

  12. jordynarz says:

    Love all your videos Koma! Makes me happy to know that we have smart ppl in our ommp system! Hope you find all the phenos you are looking for !!!

  13. DetroitMonkeyCheese says:

    use crappy scissors kid… stole his style

  14. MrUssr42 says:

    Toppy! Top notch from da Netherlands!

  15. DetroitMonkeyCheese says:

    @ KoMAgrows… wont let an T.G.A. seed in my house keep your 13% … i do me in the big D…gens not friends kid

  16. jaytheraver420 says:

    Has anybody ever herd of ultimate chemdog strain before ? And if so what Are the genetics on the ultimate chemdog strain ? Anybody ?

  17. msganjamaster says:

    I know you mentioned a while back about maybe trying DWC, imo you should do 1 bucket DWC off in a corner as an experiment or something, even if its only a onetime deal, just a thought sir – keep the vids coming 😉

  18. UltraMaster22 says:

    im sending all my love vibes to that pre98 bubba! FUCK YEAH!

  19. ThePayton22 says:

    @detroitmonkeycheese huh… Your not making sense, what does 13%er and my question about orca to koma have to do with any of that lol, and then putting a guy down for not knowing how to cut a solo cup, and calling koma a kid, really??? Do u think your the big dog pulling 10 racks a month or something, that’s weak lol…. Step up your game , stop being so negative to everyone and please stop calling people kid,

  20. DetroitMonkeyCheese says:

    @ThePayton22… what ahppened to 13%er for life

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