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Legalize ALL Drugs?

Legalize ALL Drugs?Marijuana is now legal in Colorado and Washington – should heroin, cocaine, and meth be next? Should all drugs be legalized, and we just police what people do while under the influence? Or are some substances too dangerous to allow? Tune in to this episode of the Common Room and find out what our crew thinks! And if you liked this video, PLEASE “Like” it as well! 🙂 Subscribe to TYT U for more videos: tinyurl.com We’d like to thank Brett Erlich, Miki Matteson, and Alex Sanborn for joining us! Su


  1. AmySavage6 says:

    All drugs should be legal and heavily regulated, as Lemmy Kilmister said “the glamour of being a junkie vanishes in five minutes after it’s legal”. Drugs should be controlled but they should be legal… Even heroin and cocaine. And you know bath salts are used just as a substitute… No one would propably use them if better stuff was readily available.

  2. kinghumanity says:

    No, not everyone breaks the law and not everyone is a “self righteous goodie goodie” appeaing to authority”.

    You’re just a stupid rebellious teenager.

  3. ohedd says:

    Libs are too arbitrary. At some level everything affects people around you. Besides if your stance is “as long as whatever you do doesn’t harm those around you, you can do whatever you want”, why tax the rich? They aren’t rich at the expense of those who aren’t? The wealth they accumulated hasn’t been forcefully extracted? Did Bill Gates invent Microsoft at the expense of those who didn’t?

  4. Mark Wickenhauser says:

    There was no evidence that dude in forida that ate the face of another person was on bath salts!! If your going to be a journalist then please report the truth! There are thousands of people who use herion, meth, weed, and even crack cocaine that bother no one and actually function just fine in society… leave those people alone! Why do we have to bother people who do not bother others??

  5. ghollisjr says:

    Sounds like Brett was on something during the making of this video…

  6. ktchong says:

    Should we legalize all drugs AND as taxpayers pay for drug rehabilitation for addicts?

    If people are to be responsible for their own lives and whatever they decide to put into their own bodies, then why should anyone else (i.e., taxpayers) be responsible for the cost of rehabilitating people who had decided to use (and become addicted to) drugs?

    The reason why I do NOT support complete drug legalization is because people who want complete legalization also want other people to pay for rehab.

  7. SpiderJerusalemJr says:

    Yeah that’s exactly what I meant. Thanks for the correction.

  8. dellophine says:

    probably the most dick head shit iv’e heard brett say in any of these videos

  9. nett103 says:

    Brett definitely ruined this video for me with his ignorant fucking opinions.

  10. therrydicule says:

    Here how I see it: I agree that hard drug should not be consumed, but sending someone who do heroin or bath salt to jail will not help them. Why? Well, these drugs are available in jail anyway. Plus, this does not touch their psychological, biological, sociological and other issues. So, we will need a new status, where it is not technically criminal, but where we could bring these person to an hospital – something somewhat similar to a person with severe mental problem.

  11. lex811117 says:

    I agree with Brett to a degree (minus all the ad ad hominem attacks). They did break the law at the time and when you do that there are consequences. I think that it is a really intellectually dishonest argument to compare a person smoking pot to Mandela. That being said, i think it is incumbent on legislators when a law is overturned to make allowance for alternate sentences or automatic parole for those jail with no other charges/non-violent, but they should not be entirely exonerated.

  12. GibsonDaley says:

    the gist of what i’m saying is i think k2 and bath salts use would plummet and likely disappear if you legalize the real thing. people use these synthetic drugs generally for their easy accessibility and they don’t have to risk going to prison for the high.

  13. TheRaysSixString says:

    No, it will NOT be lower in price if it is taxed. It will be just as high or higher, and if somebody wants something and has the money for it, they can get it whether it is legal or not. And LESS people started smoking pot in Holland when it was legalized, because it was no longer forbidden fruit, so I don’t know why the heavier drugs would be any different.

  14. 0ldFrittenfett says:

    As far as I know and I’m from Germany, so a lot closer to the Netherlands, neither Pot or Heroine is really “legal” there. They just decided that it is not worth prosecuting the use or selling of Pot. But if they wish to change this policy, it is very easy because there is no law that legalized the selling and owning in the first place.

  15. anastp1 says:

    I u broke the law u should stay in prison I agree with Bret

  16. Amusemant780 says:

    Only weed should be legal. Thay chick is 100percent right. Weed is psycologically addicted addictive while every other drug is chemically addictive.

  17. dellophine says:

    This was a Horrible debate!!!!!!

  18. GibsonDaley says:

    i’ve recently been considering that i may be more of a liberal than a libertarian, however, i still hold the libertarian view on drug legalization. the bath salts point was good, and it gives me pause, but in the end, i feel bath salts is a problem because it’s legal, and is supposedly similar to cocaine but with hallucinations. k2 and bath salts are marketed as legal, synthetic forms of illegal drugs. legalize the actual drugs and people won’t be forced to use the deadlier ‘legal’ version.

  19. mert828 says:

    As far as I know, opiates don’t cause people to do violence. The withdrawal might, but if it were legal, they probably wouldn’t have that problem.

  20. funnycatsvid says:

    Brett is a fucking asshole.

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