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Kalashnikova – Green House Grow Sessions

Kalashnikova - Green House Grow Sessions Visit: Green House Seed Co: KAL…


  1. b1vnqu55 says:

    u guys showed again why your number #1. beautiful plant

  2. tmouse22 says:

    Great video like always guys. Keep up the good work.

    —Greetings from the Midwest of the U.S

  3. mastakur says:

    man this is perfect 😀 I would grow this I think since in my country you can grow 5 plants legally . thank you guys , wonderful presentation .

  4. jim bo says:


  5. 62rome says:

    love it.

  6. ThisIsYoungBuck says:

    Wat een plant zeg! super!
    amazing plant!

  7. TheLaneyzf says:

    good job guys

  8. TheLoveInYourEars says:

    Love u guys

  9. devin allen says:

    I wish I could grow like you guys, how much did your setup to grow that plant cost? Could I grow it outside and get similar sized buds? A reply would be greatly appreciated but not expected.

  10. ponczarrdo says:


  11. Meskalinas Sta says:

    YES, more of this

  12. RavenMaster27 says:

    Wow, another amazing Strain by Greenhouse… You guys are just unbelievable! I´ll definitely try this one! 🙂 Thanks for sharing such great videos!

  13. steveeb1269 says:

    wow, love his hybred, i though da thc bomb was a great yielder, but dat is da shitt, got to put in an order for those beans, great work guys, from one breeder to another : )_

  14. pokjiuh says:

    1,2 kg amazing

  15. Joe T says:

    looks very delicious

  16. dany420201 says:


  17. luis bozo says:

    we want new xit my friends
    do ur magic i

  18. Knut Kniffte says:

    AK47 Dutch Passion is one of the best weed i ‘ve smoked so far! nice fat buds. smells like a hot ak 47 barrel!^^

  19. MrTSV18 says:

    amazing size buds

  20. faqashle says:

    i love greenhouse genetics, but had nothing but trouble with this one…..

  21. LordWormx420x says:

    awesome vid guys the plant is absolutely beautiful and the yield is amazing!!!

  22. Orio360 says:

    You guys are doing good for the cannabis community. I can see the love and pasion you guys have for this awesome plant. Keep up this good work

  23. tarkinowtata1 says:

    fuck yeah

  24. swaymafia25 says:

    i love how you guys break everything down… this looks like an amazing plant…

  25. sayhello2pedro says:

    Wow. Those nuggets are making me hungry

  26. xXxBLINGO07xXx says:


  27. zach cook says:

    1 seed please 😀

  28. the420ninja1 says:

    i still need to pop my kalashnikova seed!

  29. TheLoveInYourEars says:

    The only ones showing you science!!!! Much respect. Jah

  30. E43JAP13 says:

    Excellent as always!

  31. PeopleEqualShlt says:

    Looks nice to bad when i bought weed from your shop it seemed poorly flushed,was a let down =( Not blaming u guys directly though who knows who grew it for ya,lol

  32. Justin Dizzy says:

    Sick strain, I love it, very potent!!

  33. Kcit Noelde says:

    these guys are the masters of cannabis!

  34. spidermaariic says:

    I think this cross already exists and is called White Siberian.

  35. bluntmassa1 says:

    why is it every time I watch these videos they never get too close to what they advertise on their site for THC% they usally use clones so they shouldn’t be too far off.

  36. Frank Coppola says:

    I know everyone’s thought after this video is “God I wish i had his job..”

  37. mmcylbb says:

    still white hairs on the calyx, that girl can develop much more in 2 and half week more period, i think

  38. slyy8585 says:

    Very Informative

  39. Blake Curran says:

    I loved watching that. Thanks for the tips, and all the groundbreaking research. Also the strain hunters landrace preservation project is awesome

  40. carnavalweed says:

    wtf. i though that cross was already made. an they call it white russian.

  41. frrrran says:

    I think that the plant was not totally ripe, you should have went for one or two weeks more.

  42. sikfist says:

    No US shipping?

  43. mark white says:

    no dry weight?

  44. swaymafia25 says:

    cool i wanna smoke it…. i want to smoke every bud you guys have

  45. ExtremeBogom says:


  46. Henry Choo says:

    You fellas are SICK! I am so envious of you… 🙁

  47. captainAUBS says:

    nearly 2.8 pounds? damn

  48. GTIchronic says:

    nice !!! massive buds

  49. waasing says:

    very classy presentation

  50. skimaskready says:

    @8:37 Franco Zidane? Haha

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