Growing Marijuana 7 Weeks Into Flower CFL GrowPLEASE WATCH AGAIN SOMEONE FLAGGED MY VIDEO SO I POSTED A NEW ONE!! THANKS AGAIN!! My Mr Nice Guy Purp is now 7 weeks and 2 days Into FLOWER. Its been growing great and its even turning Purple. This MNG is one of the best Mr Nice Guy plants Ive had so far. My OG Kush plant is about 4 weeks into flower, and the buds are getting very dense and crystally, And my veg box is going ok, I havent gave them any nutrients for about 2 or 3 weeks now, I put my White Rhino And Purple OG Kush plant into my fl


  • KeyDelaRock 4 years ago

    Nice $hit. Your going to be the reason why I start growing some o.G kUsh

  • dkbcps990 4 years ago

    im get me some mr nice guy purp dam sslickk

  • KeyDelaRock 4 years ago

    Oyeaa stop smoking ciggs bro lol ku$h only fool

  • semajb25 4 years ago

    good shit.

  • norcalibayarea408 4 years ago

    Lollipop it for bigger buds homie,peace

  • steveeb1269 4 years ago

    looking good bro. yeah i can see the purple. peace n keep on gro-n,

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