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Grow Room Update – 3/27/14

Grow Room Update - 3/27/14In Full Compliance With NRS 453a, 18+ As Always… Sorry for the lack of content lately, been very busy with grow related stuff, and my car also go totaled, …


  1. The Happy Camper says:

    Nice, the garden looks awesome bro…..I had a hermie issue myself but no
    biggie, it was out before it affected my other ladies….thx for the

  2. BudsonBuds says:
  3. BolagnaSheetsMD . says:

    and knock on wood, my blue widow i have not noticed any nuts on either of
    the 2 and I thim im day 35 or 40 so fingers crossed, shit smells fire and
    has exploded with frost, all your cuts are bangin rite now the gsc too

  4. LettuceToke says:

    Looking very nice. Much respect 

  5. walter escobar says:

    I got some blue dream going and they stretched 200 percent when i switched
    to flower.crazy stretched

  6. TjrA homemadegrowbox says:

    I love them all bro looking good growers love

  7. Scas Farmer says:

    Plants look great! Thanks for sharing.

  8. SnakeDoc21 says:

    Temps too hot in your tent..?

  9. tear from the clouds says:

    things looking good…nice runs…i like ur blue widow plants…

  10. BolagnaSheetsMD . says:

    CHEM OIL!!!!!!!!

  11. Museyarp says:

    I want lol

  12. Medically Fit says:

    WOW that Bubba Kush! Garden looks great! Blue Dream is out of control!

  13. IMPERIAL DA GOD says:

    Is that a 1000 watt or a 600watt in the 4×4… Looks great bro…

  14. doug high says:

    where did that bubba come from?

  15. xUnleadedx says:

    Buds on Buds on Buds, Buds on Buds on Buds lol

  16. dirtybongwater grows says:

    another good vid thank you for sharing 

  17. B A Jones says:

    daaaaaaaamn she beastn out in there good shit , yummy that chemdawg looks
    great, grapefruit looks good blue widows 😉 shit look at bubba haha that
    bitch drooled haha cookie looks good shit ya garden is always on point keep
    doing yo thang

  18. Lisa B says:

    Looking lush OMG I wish we had smelly tube sometimes thanks for sharing

  19. Canna Claus says:

    GOOD WORK SIR! I am going to kick the two people who down thumbed this in
    the nuts.

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