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Group B Launch

Group B LaunchOREGON MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM DIV8 The reason i start with so many beans is because i have a very picky way of choosing pheno types. In this early stage you can only see a few things. Health,structure, and even smell after a couple weeks of veg.I always choose the fastest , strongest seed sprouts . I give all the plants about a week after sprouting and if they look at all wispy or unhealthy i toss them….its always a good idea to start with 3X the amount you want in your finished numbers….

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  1. TheNeo2121 says:

    Larry and SourD! another fire batch coming up!!.. Yo Koma, when do they go into the full soil recipe?? Is it when they go into the 3 gallon pots or the 20 gallon??

  2. MsCaliMMG says:

    Im pretty sure the happy frog is only used until transplant..

  3. hondatodabh says:

    The master pheno finder…

  4. TheNeo2121 says:

    best way to do it! just like in nature..the seeds sink into the soil about half inch, then add water! sounds like nature to me:)

  5. BCBudBrothers says:

    yee koma keep it up

  6. The420Sto says:

    Kool vid man. Do you get your seeds for a dispensary or attitude or what?

  7. bushwackers37 says:

    why would koma wanna to change anything don’t you watch videos??? The homie is a fucking genius!!!!!! It’s funny you really think that he doesn’t know he could save 50% on soil??? It kills me how people watch koma videos & people see big ass buds and green ass gardens and still add in their 2 cents …..

  8. bigcas831 says:

    I see alot of people using happy frog whats the difference between that and ocean forest.

  9. Pakalolo Hui says:

    YES! You don’t fuck with the tap root whatsoever.

  10. indicapimp76 says:

    see that give away is the right way to do a give away from a hat not you pick the sucker that can suck the most dicks.IDF around

  11. itsazy says:

    Is there an advantage to planting them before germinating?

  12. InlandOG says:

    alright i am gonna start the Hazy Og today too, so i can compare holmie! sweet

  13. DrGoodGrow says:

    Jelly Bean jar with 4,200 beans in it

  14. holisticnursery says:

    Let’s giveaway a pack of ken’s gdp genetics beads, the winners choice of original gdp, bay eleven”, or ken’s kush. To qualify for seed pack giveaway simply subscribe to “komas” y.t. channel and on facebook “like” Holistic Nursery Seed Co.”, good times!
    free shipping nationwide! Winner will be choose 9-15-12 , act fast…

  15. bushwackers37 says:

    nice video koma …

  16. TheRealLuMpKiNg says:

    Nice selection

  17. TheNeo2121 says:

    If Koma grows Fire with Happy Frog…why the hell would he want to change it? he adds to it too so I think he knows wtf hes doing bro!

  18. dbbit says:

    still buying happy frog! pick your game up and mix your own blend of soil and save over 50%

  19. DirkDaner says:

    Hey bro are you going to go through all the steps, nutrients, and everything you do to make the super dank this time? Just cant watch all your videos due to iPhone so would be cool if you walked us through it all. Love your love for the plant. Im in love 2.

  20. David Sweatman says:

    hey koma! big ups homie! quick questions how much water do you give them them after you plant the beans. and when do you re water again. thanks for your time big dog!

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