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Flower Room VegOregon Medical Marijuana Program DIV8 well the title says it all….i transplanted these 3 days ago and now ill let them sit in 18/6 until the sept1…..i planted the seeds on july4th so the first is still less than 2 months 🙂 ill be taking the clones the day i flip and will make a vid showing how i roll while doing so 🙂 couple things ide like to talk about , first being these are all in Ocean Forest : / …reason being i went to buy my soil load and sombody ”a complete badass motherfucker”

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  1. philldeees says:

    that sucks bro but im sure it will come out frosty. He must have seen your soil prep video, did he take all the worm castings too?

  2. LowLife187 says:

    i wish i was healthy as those plants !!!

  3. PaperStackersUnion says:

    AOTP makes up 90% of my playlists

  4. jaypie8 says:

    Great job Koma

  5. bcBudfactory says:


  6. ktrain420247 says:

    Good shit

  7. KaUAiaNgRoWN89 says:

    best lookin tahoe og ive evr seen!!!

  8. Bublonichronic2 says:

    plants are beast for 2 months.. i always liked FFOF cause i felt like i was gettin free nutes in the soil, but i guess you get more myc in FFHF, a toss up IMO

  9. LoudpakRx says:

    Good shit!

  10. 2ten2times says:

    Outstanding brother..

  11. Silas Pendergrass says:

    Hey Koma…As usual, impressive. I like the fact that all ur vids actually TEACH things and give to ur viewers. I too love the plant and for that reason I must only learn from those who do. It’s always cool to come thru every week and see what you got for us. Are you a fan of GDP? Holy Grail OG? Any chance we get macros of frosty purp in the not so distant future?

  12. ppzzzz0 says:

    Awesome coma

  13. gogadgetgomagic33 says:

    i realy like how you do things,you got the best info-videos and you dont waist time you get to the point. i never subscibed to any you tube channels, but since i ve been watching your vids i had to.i dont realy like most of the other grower channels some are realy terriblel. anyway thank you for the knowledge. keep it real stay humble peace!


    hahaha yes…”hello and welcome back to growing for freedom memememememememe”

  15. themiddlepunkoc says:

    Can’t wait to see which phenos are the best. Alls lookin good in the labs! Peace out.

  16. wiserthenbefor says:

    beautiful girls, doing nice work as always.  lookin forward to the harvest

  17. scott15200 says:

    looks boss as always friend

  18. MalevolentClown says:

    Fantastic as usual sir! Cheers!

  19. daytripping63 says:

    Looking great Bro, yeah FFOF is hot for sure, I use it but I add Canna Coco to lighting it up, FFOF is only $15.00 here, I really like and use to use HF but all the stores around here want $24.00 +. I just had to up-pot some Sensi Seeds 4 Fruity Juice & 3 Jack Herer into FFOF and I can usually go 2 weeks without base nutes into 12/12 like you talked about in your comment, oh yeah man I read them!!:) What do the get for HF out your way?


    KoMA = best grower on youtube hands down

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