F*CK ILLINOIS. KEEP YOUR GUNS & YOUR WEED!DRINK MUCH MORONS? JESUS F!BRAND NEW! catch me playing BF4 LIVE w/ inset CAM! Please subscribe to this channel and come to


  • Mike Petruccelli 2 years ago

    Lmao dab fail!

  • Kush man 2 years ago

    lovin the trendy song nay wish i had my laptop rii now to go on da chat itz
    ur boy chimney good shit ur an artist brudda

  • xsadca dasda 2 years ago

    that blows ^^ i know the feel of having to pass UA’s

  • Anon0pz 2 years ago

    nay can u play with ur tongue?

  • waltmann66 2 years ago

    Your sooo funny bro!

  • DougInc 2 years ago


  • xsadca dasda 2 years ago

    he can play with his teeth

  • gil gee 2 years ago

    Nay I cant leave a comment on your live YouTube it says “comments have been
    disabled for this video” on my phone how come?

  • StealyourFace710 2 years ago

    dude man there so many videos of fucking pigs shooting a totally innocent
    dog because there being protective over there owner, theres even fucking
    videos where they taze a dog, i own 3 dogs, thats fucking pathetic! what if
    we walked on there property ANd shot there fucking dog!!

  • 234cheech 2 years ago

    its croatia nay ware the pirymids are

  • Nicholas Hutchinson 2 years ago

    Your life looks so awesome you must love it. Weed and luxury in
    California?! You’ve got it made man!

  • waltmann66 2 years ago

    That shit was smoke n bro!!!

  • xsadca dasda 2 years ago

    black ice og shatter

  • michale prendergast 2 years ago

    keep up the good fight nay !

  • LiftedBeats808 2 years ago

    Hey Trendy this dab is for you, here from Sacramento

  • StealyourFace710 2 years ago

    haha damn man that was pretty close to a forest fire! hahah! great video
    though nay!

  • Kush man 2 years ago

    cant even give the video a like cuz im on my fuckin phone but ill get to it
    lmao made my nite

  • waltmann66 2 years ago

    That’s the second time bro!

  • xsadca dasda 2 years ago

    dabbin it up

  • Legalize Everywhere 2 years ago

    guns and weed lets do this!

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