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Cannabis Cannibal? Pot Causes Violent Outbursts?

Cannabis Cannibal? Pot Causes Violent Outbursts?Rudy Eugene—the Florida man who was suspected to be high on “bath salts” last month when he was shot and killed by police after refusing to stop chewing a homeless man’s face—was not on “bath salts” after all. According to the Miami-Dade County medical examiner’s office, toxicology tests performed on Eugene found marijuana in his system, but no street drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol. Eugene also tested negative for adulterants commonly mixed with street drugs. John Iadarola and Ana Kasp

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  1. soerenboeren says:

    You need to watch it again. They never said cannabis can lead to violence. Their just discussing wether it had an influence on the whole event and whether other media might indicate that cannabis leads to violence. Or if people who’re lobbying against cannabis will use this event in their favour.

  2. RankAndFileGuy says:

    I think you should check if he had pre-existing mental illnesses. Marihuana can induce schizophremia and paranoia in rare cases that’s true. Then again a person with a heart condition shouldn’t drink coffee, should we delegalize coffee? Of course not…. it’s silly.

  3. DexxterMorgan says:

    Anyone who wonders if marijuana contributed to this attack should probably be wondering about something less intellectually taxing.

  4. Viktir666 says:

    Wrong. You don’t HAVE to be one or the other. You can be an “I don’t give a fuckist” about any of this shit.

  5. soerenboeren says:

    And if you still think schizophrenia is the same as having multiple personalities or just hearing voices, I’d clearly advise you to read more about the subject.
    Schizophrenia is a total mental break-down. It’s as if your whole world just scrambles into pieces. Up is down, down is left good is bad, and so on. In such a case eating someone’s face sounds quite possible to me.

  6. 420angrybuddha says:

    Synthetic drugs are all water soluble; however THC binds to fat in human cells. So if Bath salts last as long as they apparently do, and if this person was drinking water at all, he would pee out the drugs within a day.

  7. underdescribed says:

    You ingest something once you have it in your mouth for a while. There are enzymes doing this…

  8. InfamousPlatoon says:

    I also think it’s a cover up just to silently fear monger those I would b surprised at all if there was some other drug in his system n they just decided to cover it up

  9. Greenlife711 says:

    i came just to dislike this video. Cannabis does not cause violence that is complete bullshit. If you use too much you are going to fall asleep. CANNABIDIOL ( CBD ) is an antipsychotic cannabinoid. Pretty much if you have psychosis use an indica strain don’t use a sativa. Now a days most cannabis on the streets are indica strains because they grow faster and yield heavier, which is why i have concluded this video to be further bullshit and propaganda.

  10. philipsidney says:

    I doubt very much that any scientifically rigorous studies have been conducted to prove that marijuana leads to violence, even among specific groups, e.g., people with schizophrenia. If there had been, the name of that study would be plastered everywhere.

  11. TheOmegadusk says:

    You bet- credit where credit is due I say. 🙂

  12. AlwaysBubblin says:

    LOOOL, had nothing to do with pot at all. Johns on the ball.

  13. Nomiss9 says:

    Theist = someone who believes in a god
    Atheist = someone who is not a theist

    How can you be neither of those? Like 17peteclarke said, you have no idea what you’re talking about. You’ve swallowed capitalism, and you’ve swallowed the Christian definition of “atheist”, and on top of that you’ve swallowed a bunch of nonsensical conspiracy theories, while missing all of the true conspiracies.

  14. orchoose says:

    Well Jhon, drugs just change chemical ballance in brain, brain can evoke similar contitions without drugs (flasbacks ect.) I I wouldnt be so shure that he must used some drugs.

  15. soerenboeren says:

    I guess it could be possible that the consumption of cannabis in combination with being shot has led him to an outbreak of schizophrenia. People with one parent having schizophrenia are 50% more likely to have some sort of psychosis and the consumption of hallucinogens can rise the chance of having one. The shock of being shot at in combination with all the other stuff
    probably has led to his reaction.
    I know some of that stuff because my mum had a schizophrenic outburst when I was little.

  16. jmufkinc says:

    Oh such bullshit. Weed never does this! Ridiculous…

  17. Koroistro says:

    Another reason can be the extremly high concentration of THC in that kind of pot , in 30-50 years the TCH inside became x70+!

  18. 666ThaScarecro666 says:

    Nah they hand out fent patches. Ive gotten one before and its god like. I put the gel on my gums instead of my skin and i was gooooone. But i didnt say anything about Fent before that lol

  19. WolvenSpectre says:

    Oops wrong documentary. I menat this one and its an hour and also on youtube:

  20. jadejohnson22 says:

    maybe the pot was laced with something that didn’t show up in a tox screen, but mental instability is my guess

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