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cali connection DAY 30

cali connection DAY 30OMMP- MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM DIV8 hello, i think ill be going back to posting vids with music only and putting my thaughts and ideas about growing here in the info section. Its been 30 days since i planted the seeds and everything is going great 🙂 The plants should start showing there sex in the next week and i will be pulling a good portion of these ”males”. im going to keep 24 for my self and give the rest to a fellow ommp member who is coming to pick them up in the next couple days ….

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  1. ktrain420247 says:


  2. MrSta500 says:

    Lookin’ good as usual Mr. Koma sir.


    what do you look for in the keepers at the young stage? thick and bushy from the rip,fast growers etc..? peace

  4. MrCannatonic says:

    nice lookin illbe checkinto see how the purple diesel turns out my sour diesels are a bout done next week or so so far looks great bro….

  5. LyonLMS says:

    nice plants bro

  6. socbutter says:

    I take whatever vid you put up. Voice no voice it’s ok. the addition of more info in the description section would be most welcomed. Your girls are looking fine

  7. KoMAgrows says:

    @ImNmotion23 yesir thats just fine…

  8. hossbassius says:

    My bad since description on the og on the attitude site said genetics of ’91 i didnt see the purple d or nuthin.. i dont have live in a med state so i dont have access to full selection.. wasnt hatin.. love your vids bro keep it up.. love from the south!

  9. moscaman559 says:

    Clean, professional, right on track….your killing it KoMA!!!

  10. DirkDaner says:

    We don’t need any face time i just love seeing those big healthy plants of yours. Keep up the incredible work bro.

  11. OgkushCanada says:

    lookin good  , kepts it frosteh

  12. ImNmotion23 says:

    Looking super nice like always.. your music selection is on point ninja.
    Question: Would it be okay to throw clones under a HPS for the 12 hours that my flower room is “ON” then take out and put under T5’s for 12 hours (24 ON veg cycle)? First grow, TGA DQ, peace!

  13. StanwoodSpartans says:

    koma measure 80 to legalize marijuana in oregon, will u support it?

  14. vermontoker says:

    damn man looking great

  15. QualityKush says:



    Those leaves are insane. Look kinda like money tree leaves

  17. POWMUZIK says:

    @komagrows what size are those smart pots bro?

  18. thebushdocter100 says:

    There a decent size for day 30 bro.. Hopefully be a few decent Phenos In there for you to choose from… Never talk on any videos, well it’s illegal and am always to cheffed :)” and it gives cunts less to bitch about.. Know how bitches like to twist words.. What’s the name off the tune bro.. Keep it green man peace


    for the whole grow,what kind of organic bud boosters does AN have?

  20. knoname100 says:

    So u don’t run the Mother Plant nutes no more?????

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