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should marijuana be legal?

Legal Medicinal Marijuana
princess asked:

If we legalize marijuana, we reduce the black market and the violence associated with the sale of marijuana.The government could tax the sale of marijuana and use this income to lower the national debt.Marijuana should be legalized only for those individuals over the age of eighteen. * Marijuana creates pacifism and is a stress reliever
* Will decrease the crime rate if the herb is readily available. It will eliminate the need of an underground subculture
* Marijuana has medicinal values
* No one has ever died from smoking marijuana
* Pot enhances creativity ok they should legalize marijuana because its a plant!! god put it on the earth,

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  1. cjlintexas says:

    yes it should

  2. carpediem says:

    I agree wholeheartedly………..nice comments.

  3. Thomas says:

    Of course it should be, but the governement is making to much money off it being illegal to ever make it legal.

  4. dickn2000 says:

    Why not? And it also should be legal to hunt down drug users and shoot them on sight!

  5. rummy714 says:

    I don’t even smoke the stuff anymore, and I couldn’t agree with you more, for all the reasons that you listed. Plus if it were legal, it would make it harder for kids to get it. Right now a 16 year old kid can get a bag of dope easier than they can get a pack of cigarettes. It doesn’t cause half the social problems of alcohol. And ti would cease being a gateway drug to harder drugs.

  6. tru-cuttie says:

    no ,hell no

  7. sanangel says:

    there is pros and cons to this…yes they use it for things like to calm you down..but when you smoke to much of it you flat do not care about much…you sit around and laugh and eat….people has died with marijuana when it was laced with something else and they did not know….i do think a limited about for some might be ok…but i agree with the one two that said the government is making to much money and to many in prison for marijuana,,,they would have to change so many things…i just do not see it happening….legally anyway…

  8. 99999 says:

    Yes, if used for medical purposes.

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  9. myste says:

    yes, legalize it.
    oh.. would that make it legal to smoke it on the job? Do we really want our police officer, firefighter, or EMT high on the job? How about your child’s teacher or the guy driving the 18 wheeler?
    I use but there is a time and place. Just something to think about.

  10. ev730404a says:

    Yes it should be legalized, what right does the government have to tell me what I can and cant put in my body. Marijuana is a weed it is smoked in its natural form unlike crack or heroin. Besides that doesn,t the Bible say god created all plants and animals on earth for man,s use. Funny how the bible thumping, hypocrites don,t talk about that.

  11. tronary says:

    If you buy it from an ILLEGAL Immigrant it will be LEGAL

  12. jsjmlj says:

    yes . you have my vote .

  13. tora s says:

    babydoll if i could give u high 5!!!!!!!! most definately it needs to legalized, i;m sure the government could use the revenue—besides, i’m in luv with the stuff!!!

  14. Lauren C: Led-head for life. says:

    You just read my mind, honey.

    Whoa, dude, that was totally awesome, man!

    I once had a 20 minute conversation with Jerry Garcia, untill some dumb redneck snatched my bong & told me to stop talking to fire hydrants & to stop hanging out with all the rastas & hippies.


    What does he know about having a psycic encounter with the deceased?

    I bet he goes home & drinks a 12-pack & then beats up his wife.

    That hypocrite.

    Anyway, how ’bout that whole mind-reading thing, hunh?

    Crazy, man!

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