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If alcohol and tobacco are legal, then why not legalize marijuana too?

Legal Medicinal Marijuana
DivaPixie232 asked:

Alcohol consumption can lead to liver damage and alcohol poisoning.

Tobacco consumption can lead to various cancers.

But no one has ever died from marijuana use. It’s not nearly as harmful as alcohol, tobacco, or hard drugs like cocaine and heroin. Not to mention marijuana actually had medicinal value in alleviating pain for various illnesses.

So if alcohol and tobacco are okay, then why not make marijuana legal?
Tobacco contains nicotine which makes it highly addictive. Marijuana does not and is not addictive. So tobacco is actually a lot worse.

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  1. bama1362000 says:

    because the government couldn’t tax it

  2. loveaquawaters says:

    Well in some places it is. But marijuana could be passed to be abel to use like tobacco. It’s a little more harmful than tobacco but there really isn’t a difference.

  3. Amanda says:

    It does the same damage as tobacco. If made legal, people should only be able to do it in their homes not in public, so that those that don’t want to use don’t get a contact high. I guess the good would be the government could then tax it.

  4. Mussman says:

    The one answer is right when he says “because the government can’t tax it.” It’s the only reason to be against the de-criminalization of it. However, I (as an avid marijuana smoker) do not support complete legalization, for a few reasons. First of all, growing and dealing pot is one of the few ways to make a living without giving in to the system. Legalizing marijuana sale would allow big business to get a hold of it, the government will tax it to hell, and the prices will increase durastically. All the dealers (the vast majority of which are non-violent) will be out of a job. The buyer and seller are screwed into participating in the system once again. I support decriminalization, on the other hand, which will make it illegal for cops to prosecute individuals for posession charges. I also believe the government should stop wasting money funding the DEA marijuana investigations, unless murder or some other kind of violence is involved, which it usually isn’t.

  5. HN says:

    In the 1930s William Randolph ran a smear campaign against marijuana to protect his assets in the timber industry because marijuana when commercialized would and will (if made legal) would make a ton of profit because of it’s many uses. Now the federal government wants it to be illegal to profit off of it because if it’s legal they can’t arrest people and make money off of it to fund their bullshit. They could regulate it and tax it and I hope that’s what they do as a motivation for it’s legality. It is a great thing with little consequences and there is no reason it should be illegal, the only reason it’s illegal is because of greed and ignorance. Watch the movie Super High Me, it has a lot of info on that and it’s an overall good movie about weed. Now I’m not saying weed is for everyone and weed not everyone should smoke it, some people are not responsible enough and they let it mess with their lives, it should be only used for recreation when it does not mess with things that are important, be mature about it and have a good time!

  6. Foxhound says:

    Look at it on a grand scale, meaning globally and throughout history.

    When marijuana got big in North America in the 30’s or so, the government put a ban on it for whatever reason. Their ridiculous monkey abuse experiment propaganda to the fact that it is another drug, it was stigmatized as evil/bad by the government and that has stuck for some time now.

    I believe we are living in a cultural shift between the old fat cats who are still alive that still harbor that perspective, and the new generations of children who understand that although marijuana is a drug, it is not nearly as bad on the body/brain as alcohol or lethal as tobacco. Perhaps in another twenty years or so when our young generation are the new politicians, we will have a different outcome.

    In Canada, 2002 I believe, marijuana was officially decriminalized. Unfortunately, this didn’t even last the two months of the summer because of pressure from our own courts (due to mass overflow of appeals from previous cases) and from the US government (due to issues with trafficking through the border (our Canada/US border is the largest unprotected border in the world).

    So although attempts have been made, we are still seeing resistance to change, but that is ok. People will have their liberty in some time, just have to feel bad for all the people doing time/finances ruined because of the government cracking down on them for smoking, growing, possession.

    Nice to see that many states, countries, provinces are adopting the idea of medicinal marijuana and giving the say to the doctors. US is weird though with conflicting statutes between states and the federal government, as seen in Cali constantly.

  7. NYYanks1 says:

    None of them should be legal

  8. Franky D says:

    Excellent question. I have never heard a good answer–there is no reason to criminalize marijuana.

  9. Samantha says:

    this country is in so much debt, they would be much better off legalizing it so they could tax it! the reason it was outlawed in the first place is because it’s a natural substance and they couldn’t patent it, so nylon was created to take hemp’s place in parachutes during world war II. then they started all that reefer madness nonsense to scare people away from smoking it…people are so naïve.

  10. Meowzers says:

    the government could easily tax it, its illegal because a bunch of morons are in control of the government

  11. D.Man says:

    Let me see if I can say this so you understand it. All our government cares about is MONEY. Tobacco= Money Alcohol= MONEY. Don’t fool yourself, do you think for one second that those people in government give a DAMM about you or me. Look how long it is taking them to pass health care. You can bet your back end that once the government finds out how to make a butt load of MONEY from POT it will be for sale in the stores tomorrow!! It’s all MONEY baby, all MONEY! They don’t give a shit if it kills you, cause if they did tobacco and alcohol would not be out there. Don’t let anyone fool you! POT has been around for a long time, and people are going to smoke it no matter what the hell the government says. When they can figer out how to make more MONEY from it being legal than non legal, then you will be able to by it at7-11 when you wake up totomorrow

  12. Baa Baa says:

    Marijuana does a lot of damage to people if used long term and becomes a big part of a persons life. A close family member just died from lung cancer about 3 weeks ago that has devasted my entire family. His doctor told us his long term use of pot and cigarettes caused his lung cancer which was fatal. Don’t think this drug is harmless like many people believe it to be.

    Legalizing it would just make it so easy to get and use. We don’t need more drivers on the road while they are high. I just saw in the news not long ago where that woman driving all those kids drove up the wrong side of the highway and killed them all hitting a car head on. The autopsy showed she was high on pot. If it stays illegal, not everyone is willing to use it since it’s still a crime for possession, therefore you have less people high. I think it’s best just to let it stay the way it is now. I agree that tobacco and alcohol causes many terrible problems in society. But you don’t add another one just because the other two are legal. Those kids in that car and mother died from marijuana use, so never say it hasn’t caused death in some way. You might not get physically addicted to it, but some people get addicted to it mentally which can be just as bad and harder to break than physical addiction.

  13. opinionateddude says:

    first you can’t really put tobacco into that category. the reason that marijuana was originally made illegal, was that the government found a loophole, b/c since they could not really make it illegal at the time they said that you would need a sort of license to sell marijuana. but the twist was that the government had never made any. that just explains how but not why it became illegal. people believe that the reason for it is that the paper and fabric industries pushed it out, so it would not become a large competitor. marijuana is less dangerous than cigarettes, and seems to have a similar effects as alcohol, but I have never heard of someone dieing for pot poisoning, or having a pot hangover. the consequences of smoking pot are less that that of drinking alcohol, or smoking cigarettes.

  14. Roddy says:

    “Alcohol consumption can lead to liver damage and alcohol poisoning.”

    Yep, it CAN but doesn’t always. In fact for most it doesn’t.

    “Tobacco consumption can lead to various cancers.”

    Yep, it CAN but doesn’t always. My mother is 84 this year and has smoked all her life.

    “But no one has ever died from marijuana use.”

    I suppose you are not taking into account the people who have died driving while stoned.

    You may not have noticed but there are lots of people who want to ban tobacco and booze. Just start a new question saying how much you like to smoke and drink and see how many people bash you for it. In a perfect world people could do what every they pleased. When you find that perfect world let the rest of us know where it is.

  15. Mr. Wizard says:

    Driving high is akin to “buzzed” or drunk driving: People tend to get killed or lucky enough to be seriously hurt. Either / or–such reckless driving is dangerous.

    One “Mary Jane” ( going old school here ) joint is equal in nicotine to ONE CIGARETTE PACK. Here’s a chance for those thinking “outside the box” to find ways to cut THAT down, good luck with that project.

    Human society has shown a poor track record of responsibly using what legal vice products enjoyed today–what’s your counter argument, proving we can do any better using legal pot? I, for one, would like to see it.

    To legalize pot would prove disastrous for American society—THEN, we would have to put a prohibition on it again……THAT would make the 1920s liquor prohibition look like a Mickey Mouse club meeting; people get hurt, people WILL die by the knife or gun.

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