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Do you agree that only pot smokers support marijuana legalization?

marijuana legalization

Because it’s true. Anyone who thinks marijuana or other drugs should be legal uses them. And anyone who criticizes the war on drugs uses them.

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  1. Aslan M says:

    A lot of people even police officers lobbied for the legalization, thanks for trolling kid.

  2. gary says:

    i dont think pot smokers want it legalized….
    if it is legalized, it will be regulated like cigarettes are, it will be grown differently and heavily taxed.
    and only 18+ will be able to buy it….as it is now, its easier to get for underage, no taxes and no govt control over it

  3. Who Am I says:

    *cough* *cough* I dont want it legal, then my plants wont be worth as much!

  4. Kenny Jamison says:

    I don’t smoke pot anymore, frankly I can’t even stand the smell of it now, but how many people come home drunk and beat the dogshit out of their wives? A LOT! it happens every day. how many guys get stoned on pot and act violent and beligerent?? I’ve never heard of any!

  5. Mrthe Goochster says:

    First of all, Fuck you. The same go both ways. Only people who are against weed want it to be illegal. And Kenny, I couldn’t have said it any better. Nobody turns violent or completely ignorant when stoned. Thats fact support marijuana; its more healthy than other legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco not to mention many other dangerous drugs that are available for medical use.

  6. Kay says:

    Looks like you answered your own question, even though your answer is wrong. Thanks for the rhetoric.

  7. YESHUWISH says:

    I don’t currently smoke pot. I have before. Scientific research has proven it to be harmless and beneficial to the human body, mind, and spirit. The only reason it is illegal is because it promote free thinking and would have a tremendous affect on the alcohol and tobacco profits. Also, as long as it is illegal, the multi-billion dollar war on drug revenue the government makes and re-routes to special interest groups and themselves is safe. Please don’t hook the electrodes up again, I AM IS just telling the truth. Shock therapy hurts, unless you are impervious to pain.

  8. M M says:

    what the fvck is your problem. you ask this same question over and over again, dozens of people tell you how wrong you are and you still keep asking it. it’s fvcking pathetic, you are either:

    – a narrow-minded who wont accept that our society cannot be and does not want to be some puritanical, drug-free “utopia”, and so will ignore any logical, reasoned argument for why smokers and non-smokers alike support legalization.

    – a troll, a sad little pube who literally has nothing better to do.

    assuming the first one applies, you need to ask yourself why you hate weed and more importantly, why you dont want others to smoke it. what difference is it to you whether or not someone else enjoys it? you also need to realize that you are simply wrong about this, what you said in your question is not true at all, and you need to educate yourself about why it is not true. educate yourself about the benefits of legalization, educate yourself about the real and the merely percieved dangers of marijuana use. I don’t think you will though, i think you would much prefer to carry on in your current ignorant mindset, that’s much easier than admitting you might be wrong.

    for the record, i smoke weed and i take other drugs, im not ashamed of it and i wholeheartedly support legalization of most of them. infact, im going to take a bong hit right now, something that your blind acceptance of propaganda has clearly denied you the pleasure of understanding or enjoying.

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